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Central Coast Pro / Arrive alive/ WQS Soldiers Beach. Australia. 
12:17am 25/03/2008
mood: chipper

The 2008 WQS Central Coast Pro surf competition was on last week at Soldier's Beach, my pics are up on my journal if you are interested. It was epic with Sally Fitzgibbons taking out the women's and Leigh Sedley taking out the mens.

chow :)

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01:27pm 20/06/2005
  Hey guys, I'm really trying to get the word about my website (http://www.newyorksurfers.com) out. Please take a look over there and register if you like what you see. Frequently updated forecasts, forum, gallery, news and much more will be available. Thanks!  

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02:00am 05/03/2005
  There is something i have noticed recently...

There isnt a community for the UK surf scene or a community for the UK psy trance scence...

I have just created 2 new communitys to bridge this gap :)

for the uk surfers... uk_surfers

And for the UK psy trance scene... uk_psytrance

Feel free to join whichever one suits your needs (if it indeed suits any needs!)

And bear with me while i create and Pimp them out ;)

Also feel free to join my existing community ilovesurferbois Which is a fun community for people who like drooling over cute surfer boys or happen to be a cute surfer boy :D

X posted :)

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02:30pm 21/02/2005
So I join that catchin_curls community.
Since this one is..
And you know what?
It gets fucking deleted.
How nice.
My life.
Is sad.

Havn't been surfing in what? Nearly five months?
This is making me deranged.

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12:27pm 09/01/2005

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03:52pm 01/01/2005
mood: woahness.
well i havent updated in a while so i guess ill show some pix of what we're gettin in Daytona Beach!!

pix of our waves!Collapse )

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02:27pm 15/11/2004
  My parent's surf decor web site....................


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New Member Alert 
10:19am 10/10/2004
mood: mellow
Hey guys.
Another Floridian surfer here.
I've been surfing for about three months.
Rookie, and loving it.
Usually ride a 7-foot board, although, I'm planning on purchasing a used short board (6'2") that I've had my eye on in Blue Sky pretty soon.
Most of my girl friends don't surf, or arn't very good at it, so I'm usually out in the swell (if you even call the waves swells St. Augustine's waves suck ass. T.T) with the guys and occasionally my father. However, one of my close girl friends is getting a custom 8'5" longboard in in less than a week, so that should kick ass. I'll finally have a fellow girl to surf along with! Anyway, enough with my rambling. If you hear of any local Florida surf competitions going on anytime soon, please tell. :)


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05:21pm 04/10/2004
mood: chipper
Hey everybody, Im new here, so I figured to tell a bit.

I live in Santa Monica, California, and surf most spots from Venice to Countyline, though Im mostly at the Santa Monica beachbreak and pier. My grandmother also owns a house right on the beach in front of Tourmaline in Pacific Beach, so I can be found out there occasionally too. I shortboard, and have been doing so for about a year, before that I longboarded for 4 years. I am unfortuanetly the only girl among my friends who surf, so I have to hang with the guys when I surf, and I hate to say it, but I am a lil influenced by them, or atleast, it shows in my surfing! I have a 6'4" and a 5'9", which I surf on mostly, but I do have 2 other boards. Surfing is everything to me, I love it more than I should probably, but hey, its just so much fun! Nice to meet you all, this seems like a really cool community.
<3 Tori

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01:38pm 27/09/2004
  Hey im new here so here is a lil intro!!!!

-->> Im Kelly and i live in Daytona Beach, Florida!!!

Surfing is my life.

Im out there before and after school, and all weekend.

I have a custom 5'7" Roxy, fish, and its pink!

Ive been surfin for about a year.

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fish outta water 
11:49am 13/09/2004
mood: homesick
i spent over an hour earlier tonite going through tons of photographs.
time periods ranged from the age of 4 to present. so we're talking lots
of photos inter-mingled. and let me tell you.... WAY too many
california, or florida, or australia, or cornwall, or hawaii, or the
carribbean. WAY too many to not put me in a major surf stoke FUNK. I'm
way too homesick for waves. I miss the water and the dolphins and the
surfies and the locals and the bum outtatowners that always thought
they were soooo cool to come find some "unknown" spot. Morons. Anyway.
I want my beach and my surf. NOW. Like Ed Bloom in Big Fish says when
soaking in the bath tub fully clothed... "I was dryin' out." Yep.
That's me. I'm startin to dry out!

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11:24pm 25/08/2004
  i'm gonna make tote bags and design them with spray paint. i'm gonna sell them for probably 7 dollars a bag. if you want one drop a line and tell me like a random song lyric thats you're favorite and i'll design your ass a bag. if i have to ship it out of state it'll probably be 10 dollars for all that crap. ok. yeah COMMENT. BUY A PURSE. GIRLS LOVE PURSES!!

or hit up my email. pinkpunkers215@aol.com or cccControversial@hotmail.com

either way i'll get it.

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06:13pm 29/07/2004
  So i had a surf trip up to tofino BC planned, kinda. it fell through. shitty. i was looking forward to it!so spring break is when its up again. anyone around the pacific northwest should hit me up, and come along, its all girls that are going up, it should be awesome!


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10:17pm 28/07/2004

Hi I'm Alli. I live by Shore Points, NJ. I'm a shortboarder. I have a 6'2 ezera pro edition. I never surf alone, and I love the girls that I surf with. I've only been surfing for a little while but, I'm pretty good. I surf all year round and I absolutely love it. I'm really bouncy and fun to be around. I'm the type of person to cause a scene just to get some laughs. Add me?



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..hoping for some surfing during my fall break 
02:53pm 08/07/2004
mood: chipper
Alright, all you Floridian surfers out there, this question is directed towards all of you.
I am planning on heading down to Satellite beach either the 6th, 7th, or 8th, of October and I'll be staying there 'til the 10th or 11th.
How's the surf in early october? Is there any?
I'm a gulf surfer (Texas) so I understand how summer slop and flat conditions go. If there are waves or chance of waves around that time, I'll be so happy.
I go to school in Upstate NY so a break from there is always nice. Being able to surf will make the short vacation that much better.
Oh yeah, I'll be willing to head up to Cocoa beach (I grew up near there!), or down to Melbourne beach or further.
Any info would be great!

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02:35pm 25/06/2004
mood: curious
How in the hell do I get to Mavericks coming from PCH South (So-Cal native)?.. Any surfies in the class of 08' at UC Berkeley?!?!..contact me.  Gracias muchachos. Peace.

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02:12pm 22/06/2004
  Okay i need a lil help in regards to board selection. I've been riding a 6'4 hybrid for 2 or 3 years now. I'm at the skill level where i can catch waves pretty often, drop in stand up and cut across... nothing all too impressive. My hybrid seems to be the worst of both worlds, it doesn't paddle well, its slow not all too maneuvarable.

I was looking into the Al Merrick flyer, because i heard it was a great shortboard for small surf. I'm a long island surfer (yeah i know, it's not my fault though) I'm 17 years old 5 foot 5 and 120 lbs. I've never ridden a real shortboard before so i'm not sure what size flyer i should get. it is said that you're supposed to ride a flyer 2" - 3" shorter than your normal shortboard and 1\4" to 1\2" wider than your normal shortboard. I'm pretty sure that means if you usually ride a 6'0 shortboard get it 5'10.

So based on my dimensions what size flyer should i be riding? because i don't know what size shortboard i should be riding to begin with let alone this specific board. Thanks a lot. I appreciate any help i get.

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spread the word 
04:59am 20/06/2004

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New member. Got a question. 
12:14pm 07/06/2004
  Hey! My name is Amy and I'm new to the community. I was hoping somebody could help me out with something:

I just graduated from highschool and as a graduation present to myself I want to by myself a surfboard. Preferably from Ron Jon. I was wondering if anybody could help me figure out the size and type of board to get. I've only surfed 2 times so I'm a beginner so automatically I know to get a longboard but I'm not sure of the height. I'm about 5'2-5'3 and 110 lbs. And when I went on the Ron Jon website I saw that there were many types of boards but I'm not sure what type or style is better. I could use all the help and info that I can get. If any of you have any questions my email is: emo_x_fairie@yahoo.com.

Thanks. <3

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07:01pm 25/05/2004
mood: curious
hey i'm new here, I live in Orlando FLA.
has anyone heard of Mayo Board Co. Surfboards.
there is a super nice 8'0 for sale and would be perfect for these crappy 1 footer waves.
anyway i've never heard of Mayo.

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